Hi! I’m Ale:)

My life’s journey has always been linked to storytelling.

Born in Brazil from an Italian Family, I’m a former actress, playwright, art director & producer.
When I became a mom, I realized that life goes faster and faster and we just forget things so easily.
I’m afraid to forget, and that’s why I’m passionate about documenting stories through photographs.

I spent my first 3 years as a photographer documenting families, from belly to seniors, until I decided to follow my passion about animals and their importance on our lives and decided to specialize on documenting animals and their connection with humans.

I also teach childhood photography for Portuguese-speaking parents and photographers online.

When I’m not creating, cuddling my kids & pets, struggling with English Grammar or dreaming of moving to Hawaii, I entertain my husband with my Brazilian accent. It’s nice to meet you!

Welcome to my online space. You can also find me on :


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