Letters to my Children



“Dear Mom and Dad,

Wow. What a week it has been! I can sum it up in one word: cat!

I just can’t stop thinking about that cat and all the fun we had here. I may need a vacation when you guys get back. I’m absolutely exhausted. I couldn’t stop chasing the cat – I think he liked it, but I’m not entirely sure. He makes some pretty weird sounds when I chase him. Good times.

And then there’s the toddlers. They like to chase me and give me hugs. They are cute, for little non-furry people, so I tolerate them.

I had a blast here, but I have a small complaint to make it: there’s a lady here who likes to take a lot of photos! But she feeds me and lets me sleep in her room, so I put up with it. Do I have an agent?


Sorry, I just saw the cat and got a little distracted.

Where was I…

Oh yeah… the lady with the camera has a strange accent. I don’t understand much of what she says, but I just smile to her. She seems to like that.

Did you see Milo as Superdog? It’s great, but Milo thinks he can fly now – good luck making him take off his new uniform. He really believes he is Superdog now. Maybe he can help me catch that cat.


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