Letters to my Children

Barking contest| Cincinnati Dog Sitter | Cincinnati Pet Photographer

“Dear Mom and Dad,

Things are getting pretty wild here. 

Today we participated in a contest to see who barks more. 

Bear won. I’m not surprised about that. 

I want you to know that I did my best. But, as you know, I’m just not that competitive. I’m the cool dog and I’m fine with fourth place. 

You would’ve been proud of Axel – he almost won. He was barking as though he was chasing people on bicycles. That kid has potential!

But, once again, the cat distracted Axel and he didn’t win the competition. I’m starting to think the cat is working for Bear. 

Anyway, I told Axel that if it was a licking contest he probably would have won. Well, Mario is pretty good on that too. Tough competition here! But if Axel could focus on the contest instead of the cat, he could be great… 

I would like Axel to win, because then I would not have to deal with Bear bragging about this contest ALL DAY LONG. So irritating. 

Axel says Hi and he says he will write you tomorrow. I hope he finds time for that, since he spends most of the day looking for the cat. 

Milo. “

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