Letters to my Children

Toddlers are so EXHAUSTING! | Cincinnati Dog Sitter | Cincinnati Pet Photographer

“Dear Mom and Dad,

I hope you are enjoying your vacation.

We are doing great. We saw a cat and I don’t know why but every time Axel sniffs him he freaks out and runs away so fast. Axel gets so excited and barks and tries to catch him but oh boy, that cat is fast. He is hiding most of the time, and I know where he is but I’m not telling Axel – I think it’s funny that he keeps looking for the cat – that way I get all the toys for myself.

I don’t want to make you worried about us since you are enjoying your vacation, but toddlers are so EXHAUSTING! There’s this boy, named Nolan and he keeps hugging me like I was the cutest thing on earth. There’s this girl also named Giulia and she keeps kissing me. It’s cute but come on, we need some boundaries here. I’m not even going to mention that lady with the big camera in her hand trying to pose me and Axel for a photo. I’m ok and I am being a great model – I actually think I was born for that. But Axel never stays still and this delays our treats after the photo. Very irritating.

But it’s ok, I love the photos she’s taking of us so all this modeling work is worth it. It’s 3pm now, the toddlers are refusing to nap and we definitely are in need of a break. So we had no alternative but to lock ourselves in their bedroom to have our own nap time. I hope the kids can sleep well outside. We gave our beds to them.

I hope they don’t chew on it.


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